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This website is managed by the Soroti University Task Force Project Management Team established by The Ministry of Education and Sports to plan for the new university in Soroti Uganda. The main purpose of the new university website is to provide stakeholders with information on the progress made in establishing the new universities. In addition, it will be used to support the tendering processes for the professional services required


The Government of the Republic of Uganda (GoU) is expanding its higher education network to address the growing demand for higher education fuelled by the expanding national population projected to reach over 35 million by 2014 and growing regional initiative like the East African Federation framework. The expansion of higher education is in line with GoU strategic Vision 2040 of transforming Uganda into a middle income economy which is supported by skilled labor force.

GoU is investing heavily in science and technology as anchors of economic transformation. To achieve this vision GoU intends to put a lot of effort into building fundamentals which will act as structural elements of the economy. This includes: world class physical infrastructure; ICT infrastructure, Science and Technology, Innovation and Engineering (STIE); and globally competitive human resource (Uganda Vision, 2040). The setting up of Soroti University is one of the efforts towards the realization of that dream. Read More

Latest Tenders

1. Request for Expression of Interest for Provision of Consultancy Services for the Design and Installation supervision of Lifts for the Multi-Purpose Block
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2. Request for Expression of Interest for Provision of Consultancy Services for Design and Implementation supervision of ICT and Security systems
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3. Invitation for bids under open domestic bidding for supply of Motor Vehicle
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Highlights and Progress

Soroti University sets conditions for opening of campus

Soroti University, the ninth public university cannot open this year until all facilities are properly done, says the institution's taskforce.Read More

Are ministers in office illegally?

The continued stay in office by ministers, three weeks after President Museveni dissolved Cabinet, has raised questions about the legality of their actions and whether such decisions would be legally binding.Read More