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Minister of Education and Sports commissions the Taskforce for Soroti Univeristy

Monday, 14th October 2013

The chief quest at the ceremony Hon Jesca Alupo, Minister of Education and Sports announced government plans in providing public universities for all Ugandans. This is the 8th public university where government contributed 1 billion a start Alupo said. The Minister of Education and Sports Major Jessica Alupo announced the grant of 1Billion towards the university support from government.
This university is not for children only but also for old mummies to go school and study masters and PhDs like us. She told the task force to do their work well for prosperity in order to remain substantive leaders. Alupo congratulated the NRM government for establishing a university in Teso and its leadership in Soroti that NRM government  is thinking of planning for the young people as future leaders of the country  and therefore they must study she said. She equally welcomed the government's role in this university adding that the first students will study the next academic year.

Minister Alupo said that she cherishes government policies in promoting science and technology adding that we start small but gradually grow big.  With the coming of this university and it is difficult for me to come back to sing the same song in the same area which has been sang for ages Alupo said in proverbs. She also brought good news from H.E President Museveni who stated in his letter that  "I now write to you to start preparatory work in the construction of Soroti university in Teso sub region in two areas of medicine and engineering.
In addition to electrical engineering H.E President Museveni said, what matters is  the quality not the quantity, Minister Alupo also  quoted Museveni as saying.  If Dar es Salaam university started with13 students and Makerere university started with14 students in 1922 why not Soroti university?  Minister Alupo advised the Task Force to think and plan for SUN. She further advised the university to come down to short courses even if they learn how to be a cobbler. Please come and learn skills here at Soroti University. She called for reform for courses that will be offered. The Minister said that government has allocated 30 billion shillings to benefit us  from the scholarship scheme in the Ministry of Education and Sports .we are now in transit programs we look forward for Iteso people to  benefit from the state house scholarships. She further said that we who stay near the river benefit from the source of water, but those who live after benefit from the dew. I have commissioned the task force and president Museveni will commission the buildings the minister said.