Goal on Infrastructure and Educational Facilities

To set up world class infrastructure, facilities and equipment supporting the University's strategic ambitions for learning, research and outreach engagement.


  • Design a Master plan
  • Provide the highest quality technology-based services to support teaching, learning, research, creative activity, and the delivery of administrative services to the University community
  • Carry out benchmarking for best practices
  • Order of Priorities of infrastructure
    • Science education
    • ICT
    • Administration offices
    • Medicine and allied health
    • Pure science and technology
    • Management and business sciences
    • Value addition
    • Environmental sciences and irrigation
  • Teaching and learning facilities
    • Library services
    • Lecture rooms
    • ICT labs
    • E-learning
    • Welfare facilities
    • Housing for key staff


  • Master plan
  • Architectural drawings with costs
  • Constructed facilities which are well furnished