Food and Cafeteria Services

The Purpose for which the food and cafeteria services are provided are:

  1. To provide regular meals for students
  2. To provide various forms of food and catering service for members of the campus community, e.g. Staff, and alumni and their guests.
  3. To provide food service options, e.g. snacks, beverages and carry-out items.
  4. To provide clean, safe, quiet, efficient facilities, and delivery of various food services at convenient times and places.
  5. To take into consideration the nutritional value of the foods being served and provide the customer with quality nutritional and consumer information.
  6. To provide quality food service at a reasonable price.
  7. To ensure the highest form of hygiene and customer care
  1. Serving a regular daily meal service for students and staff.
  2. Serving snacks, beverages and other food items.
  3. Procurement of food items
  4. Teaching students and other customers about nutrition and food preparation.
  5. Involving students in the decision-making process about food service, e.g. menu selection, placement of food containers, types of beverage, hours of operation and presentation of food.
  6. Developing food service budgets and expenditure records.
  7. Hiring, training and evaluating student and regular employees.
  8. Evaluating all food services with input from students and other customers.