Sport and Leisure Centre

Sports and Leisure in Soroti University general plays positive roles in people’s lives. It is valued for the friendship, fun, challenge and enjoyment that it brings. It also has the power to change communities and help places thrive. In developing sporting opportunities Soroti University has intention of developing stronger, more prosperous and cohesive communities, as well as improving health, tackling obesity and transforming the lives of young people by giving them new skills.”

What will we do?

  • Ensure that the management arrangements for sport and leisure assets are in line with the national and international standard.
  • Have appropriate University planning policy in place to protect sports facilities from development that would result in insufficient supply of facilities to meet the needs
  • Develop a Playing Pitch Strategy to ensure there is a good supply of high quality playing pitches to meet the sporting needs of local communities. The Playing Pitch Strategy will ensure that informed development, planning, investment, management and sports development decisions are made
  • Undertake an assessment of current and future use and needs of indoor sport & recreational facilities
  • Aim to improve the quality of facilities so they are fit for present and future needs
  • Identify assets that are not fully utilised and develop a programme of improvements to ensure they are used to their full potential and capacity in line with the needs identified in the playing pitch strategy and other associated assessments
  • Ensure the dual use of facilities for sport and leisure activities and also for teaching and learning
  • In partnerships with various regional, national and international stakeholders develop an overarching strategy for sports in Uganda
  • Update the sport and leisure data so as to market the facilities.