Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision: “A University of professionals and innovators”

Mission: “To provide knowledge, skills and innovations for inclusive sustainable development and transformation”.

Core Values

In fulfilment of the vision and strategic goal, the University believes in and cherishes a set of principles and values that underpin its mission. These values define the University’s culture in dealing with clients as well as conduct and relationship with one another. These include:

A. Team work- We seek to understand how we can best support each other and make choices that put team before individual performance

B. Integrity- We act in harmony with our deeply held beliefs and values

C. Inclusiveness- We respect diversity of opinions, racial differences, gender, faith, people with different physical abilities and different political ideologies

D. Responsiveness- We shall respond to our clients in timely manner

E. Creativity – we are inspired to bring our imagination to life

Soroti University’s goal is:
“To be a widely recognized community-oriented University that brings together theoretical knowledge with practical education that impact on social and economic development”.

The Niche:

The Niche of Soroti University is: Applied Sciences