Message from the VC


It is my pleasure to welcome you to Soroti University (SUN) Website. Our vision is “to become a Centre of academic excellence and professionalism”, our mission is “to provide knowledge, skills and innovations for sustainable development and transformation” and our core values are: “Excellence, Integrity, Students at the core, Innovation, Creativity, Diversity, Responsibility and Effective stewardship”.

Soroti University is a public University funded by Government of the Republic of Uganda. The University was established in July 2015 under authority of Ugandan Parliament by Statutory Instrument, 34. The University is located in Soroti City Eastern Uganda about 323km by road from the Capital Kampala and 7km along Soroti-Moroto Road.

The University’s strategic mandate is to offer teaching and learning, research and innovation, community outreach and entrepreneurship in Human Medicine, Nursing Sciences, Engineering and Technology, and Science Education. The University sits on 228 hectares of land on which the facilities were built from scratch. Construction of the initial buildings began in July 2014 and these were completed in June 2018. The University is non-residential at the moment. Students are accommodated in private hostels.

The University has a Council that runs University business. The Business of Council is run through committees with support from Management. Council is guided by a client charter that commits it, management and staff to provide relevant and quality services and products in an efficient, professional and courteous manner.

During the last two academic years, Council has approved a series of policies for running of the University among many other recommendations. The University currently comprises of two schools in line with their programme mandates namely; School of Health Sciences and School of Engineering and Technology each led by a Dean and supported by Heads of Departments. The Dean of Students is in charge of overseeing students’ affairs issues including accommodation, feeding, sports and entertainment, counseling, spiritual affairs and students’ leadership. The Academic Registrar is responsible for all academic matters including admissions, teaching and learning, examinations etc. The ICT Unit is responsible for technologies deployment and maintenance. The University has a Health Department headed by a doctor and supported by qualified technical and nursing staff.

The University began its admission in the academic year 2019/2020 admitting students to two accredited programs namely; Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) and Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (BNSs). The University is equipped with teaching and learning resources both human and material to handle these programmes. Plans have been established to run a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Computer Engineering.

To support teaching and learning activities, the University has a print and online (virtual) library. The Library runs using standard library operating procedures. Research is a growing component of the University activities. The Office of Research and Innovations is responsible for coordinating matters of research and innovations at the University.

In choosing a university to attend for your higher education, you must bear in mind the end product that you will be. Therefore, I urge you to consider having your higher education at Soroti University for a brighter future.

Vice Chancellor’s Profile

Prof. J.R Ikoja Odongo has been the Vice chancellor of Soroti University (SUN) since September 2012

Before being appointed the Vice Chancellor, Prof.J.R.Ikoja Odongo headed the Task force that led to the establishment of Soroti University from 2012 upto 2017

Prof. J.R Ikoja Odongo holds a PhD in Information Science from University of Zululand, South African in 2002, MPhil in Publishing studies from University of Stirling Scotland in 1988, Post Graduate diploma in Liberianship from Makererer University in 1986 and Bachelor degree in Publishing studies from Starling University in 1985

Prof. J.R Ikoja Odongo work at Makerere University as;

Principal at College of Computing and Information Sciences from 2010 t0 2012

Director at the Institute of Psychology

Deputy Director at East African School of Library and Information Science

Prof. J.R Ikoja Odongo has a number of publications in international journals and regionally

Prof. J.R Ikoja Odongo has published many books and attended many conferences

Prof. J.R Ikoja Odongo has supervised students at Makerere University at masters and PhD level

Prof. J.R Ikoja Odongo is a former external examiner at Moi University, School of Information Science, University of Kwazulu Natal South Africa, Dar es Salaam University, University of Botswana and University of Zambia, Faculty of Arts department of Women Studies Makerere University, department of Library and Information Science Kyambogo University,department of computer science IUIU

Prof. J.R Ikoja Odongo has also been a board member of NSSF, a menebrr of National Library Board, a member of the building Comitte at St.Peter’s Cathedral-Soroti

Prof. J.R Ikoja Odongo served as a documentation officer at Uganda Communication Commission (UCC)

Office of the Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor serves as the chief academic, financial and administrative officer of the university. The jobholder advances the university’s mission and vision and ensures compliance with the legal requirements and expectations of the Government of Uganda and its organs. The Vice Chancellor ensures that the university has quality personnel and develops them for greater usefulness and promotes excellence in academics, research, and community engagement.

While all university offices are aligned to the office of the Vice Chancellor, the following offices are directly under the Vice Chancellor’s supervision, assisted by Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

  1. DVC
  2. US
  3. AR
  4. DOS
  5. Internal Audit
  6. Librarian


Vice Chancellor

Prof. J.R Ikoja Odongo




No Title of Statute or Policy Date of Approval
I. Establishment of Soroti University by Statutory Instrument No. 34 July, 15th 2015
II. Preamble to Statutes I June 14th 2018
III. Membership of Soroti University Statute II June 14th, 2018
IV. Powers of Soroti University Statute III June 14th 2018
V. Governance of Soroti University Statute IV June 14th 2018
VI. Human Resource Policy Statute V June 14th 2018
VII. Soroti University Financial Manual June 14th 2018
VIII. Student admission, examination and malpractice Statute IV June 14th 2018
IX. Fees structure Statute VII June 14th 2018
X. University Discipline Statute VIII June 14th 2018
XI. Quality Assurance Policy June 14th 2018
XII. Information Communication and Technology Policy June 14th 2018
XIII. Library Use Policy June 14th 2018
XIV. Accommodation Policy June 14th 2018
XV. Delegation Authority Policy April 15th 2020
XVI. Virtual Meetings Policy April 15th 2020
XVII. Strategic Plan 2020/21 – 2024/25 June 25th 2020
XVIII. Semester system Rules and Regulations June 26th 2020
XIX. Soroti University Examination Guidelines June 26th 2020
XX. User Charges Policy June 26th 2020
XXI. Public Private Partnership Policy June 26th 2020
XXII. Undergraduate Admission Policy June 26th 2020
XXIII. Recruitment of Non-Citizens Policy June 26th 2020
XXIV. Guidelines for Searching Univ. Chancellor June 26th 2020
XXV. Students Code of Conduct June 26th 2020